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Submission to the Jim Mackinnon GoJ Planning Review

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Dear Jim,

Many thanks for the invite to this meeting. It was clearly for architects and questions discussion was only to be around pre application and validation/registration, which I was not aware of. I am a member of the general public leading a special interest group - Grouville Community, Environment & Change. Areas of concern for the group are:

  1. Why do applications that do not fall within the Island Plan get into the system at all e.g. quarry at Rue des Alleurs and the care home at Holme Grown? It is a complete waste of everyone’s resources.

  2. Planning Committee members abstain from voting inconsistently and this can distort decision outcomes. For example in the planning meeting that heard the JE solar array application for fields in St Clement, Alex Curtis, abstained due to his being a deputy for the constituency. He appeared to be against the plan and had he voted against it, the committee votes would have been 3 for and 3 against. The plan was approved 3 for 2 against due to his abstention. Deputy Luce did not abstain from voting on Holme Grown plans which fall within his constituency of Grouville & St Martin.

  3. The conditions to be able to appeal a planning decision need review. In the case of JEs solar array plan, nobody could appeal it because the field is not sufficiently proximate to anyone’s home.

  4. I think we all agree that the rezoning of agricultural land is always undesirable. However, in the event that it is essential, the land should remain at agricultural values (even once housing is erected). This would assist decision making and could help developing schemes for first time buyers.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Howard

Arnworth House| Arnworth Avenue| Grouville| JE3 9BP| +44 7797778965

Response from James MacKinnon on 30th March 2023 post telephone conversation with Sarah Howard


Thanks for taking my call.

I have been in touch with Ginny Duffell and have arranged to discuss some of the issues you raised when I am in Jersey next month.

Kind regards


30th March 2023

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