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Representations to the Minister for Infrastructure - Road Safety at Fauvic

Dear Tom,

Set out below are our suggestions for road safety in the Fauvic area.

“That the speed limit on the A5 Rue du Fauvic has been reduced to 30mph was clearly insufficient to prevent the deaths of two pedestrians, We suggest therefore that the speed limit be further reduced to 20mph from its junction with La Grande Route des Sablons until (at least), as La Grande Route de St Clement, the A5 widens opposite a house called Maison des Tours which ( running west) is after the Homefield farm shop. Even with a restriction to 20mph the junction at Fauvic will remain dangerous and we suggest the speed restrictions are reinforced by a raised road crossing here, forcing vehicles to slow down.

We also consider that it is quite inappropriate that the 40mph limit should apply to the States road the B37 which crosses Rue du Fauvic as La Route des Cotils and continues as La Rue au Long. It is in places narrow without a pavement, twisting and running between granite walls. We suggest the 20mph limit should apply to it from its junction with Rue à Don until La Rocque. We have received representations saying it is unsafe to walk on it to the Holme Grown farmshop We have also received representations that the 40mph limit is inappropriate and unsafe as the B37 continues as La Rue du Grouville off which there are houses, farms and junctions with Parish roads. The number of cars parked on the road before it bends around to the east makes this stretch still more dangerous restricting the view for walkers & cyclists. We therefore suggest that the 20mph limit should apply to the B37 from the junction with Rue à Don until the road continues uphill as Le Catillon.

Finally, we think that it is quite inappropriate that the 40mph limit should apply to the C111 which as La Rue du Puits Mahaut runs from Seymour Slip to join the B37 and it too should be subject to the 20mph limit.

These restrictions will have the advantage of simplification of speed limits in the area. We think the best way of assessing them is to ride around the area by bike, which we are happy to lead. “

We have offered to engage with the Constable at a time when the Community should have come together. We sent our comments to him and believe they represent a significant and underrepresented voice within the Grouville Community. We would still welcome a Meeting with you and Infrastructure management and would like to lead you on a ride in the area as this is the best way of understanding the changes we propose.

Best wishes Peter

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