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Rates Ready Reckoner

This document has been prepared by a group of parishioners to assist ratepayers in the parish considering if their rates are fair.  It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. 


The document provides an indication of what a property may be assessed if it was located in St Clement, and compares that result with the actual assessment assigned in Grouville. 


The document is based on the published guidelines issued by St Clement. Grouville has not published its guidelines. Every other parish except St Mary has published guidelines. They all vary but are similar. Grouville’s have some material differences. 


St Clement was chosen to compare with because

  • It is a neighbouring parish

  • Their guidelines are published

  • Their guidelines are easy to understand and

  • Their guidelines are relatively comprehensive compared to other parishes


To complete the comparison simply fill in every blue box with an answer from the drop down list or a number. The result is self populated.  If the difference is more than 10% or 500 quarters, whichever is larger, then there may be grounds to appeal. 


To request a review with the Grouville rates assessors a rate payer must complete form R5, with two comparative properties, by 3rd June. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review an appeal to the Rate Appeal Board may be submitted to the Supervisory Committee within14 days on form R6. You cannot appeal unless there has been an R5 review.


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