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Creative Pollinator Installations

This collective effort is crucial in creating interconnected wildlife corridors throughout the parish and beyond, ultimately boosting biodiversity and supporting the transition towards a sustainable, net-zero future. Building on the success of the project, the seeds harvested from these vibrant installations will be collected in autumn to seed future projects, thus expanding garden wildlife corridors across the island. This forward-thinking approach not only promotes environmental stewardship but also encourages Islanders to cultivate their fruits and vegetables, fostering a deeper connection with nature throughout the summer months.

Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show, where installations like the microbiome garden, envisioned by Sid Hill and Chris Hull and sponsored by The Bowel Research UK, took centre stage. This garden, recognized with a gold award, drew inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between a healthy landscape, soil, gut, and mind. By urging individuals to rewild their diets, gardens, and interactions with the land, the project aims to inspire a holistic approach to sustainable living.”

Pick up some FREE pollinators today! These are the plants that we have grown from seed this year:

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